Acrylic Teeth Material

Our acrylic teeth produced from Makevale’s wide range of dental acrylics are strong and of high quality. They withstand significant pressure through a design which incorporates an extremely high abrasive resistance with fracture toughness. They have clean finishing characteristics, high solvent resistance, high abrasive resistance and fracture toughness. Our ability to finely control the manufacturing processes also eliminates porosity.


We accept minimum orders of £3000 or 300kg, depending on which is the greater quantity. Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered.

If you are based in the USA and wish to buy Makevale materials, please visit St. George Technology.

Data sheets and certificates

If you require a data sheet or a certificate for any of our polymers, please contact us.


  • High abrasive resistance
  • High fracture toughness
  • Excellent handling
  • Superb colour reproduction
  • Exceptional processing properties
  • Clean finishing characteristics
  • Outstanding solvent resistance

Tooth Acrylics

Our acrylic teeth materials include homo-polymers, co-polymers, cross-linked polymers and composite materials. We provide a range of polymers with different chemical properties to fit within any process using either compression or injection production methods. Our tight control of particle size & molecular weights facilitates flawless, reproducible tooth shading. Makevale’s dental acrylics have a variety of handling characteristics that allow for greater processing flexibility.

Our wide range of existing material and our ability to develop new acrylics with unique properties allow us to collaborate to achieve specific requirements and can either make processes more efficient and/or help our customers make superior products.

Success Story

A global teeth manufacturer was experiencing a problem with the performance of a supplier’s material. Extensive feedback on the behaviour of our standard tooth acrylics allowed us to develop a new material with the required porosity, hardness and improvement to colour consistently. The new formulation was designed to accommodate their existing manufacturing process, and was successfully scaled up to volume production.

Our Research and Development Team

We have a wide range of dental acrylics suitable for most specifications and a proven track record in producing new acrylics with unique properties, so if you would like to develop new acrylic teeth products our R&D team will be interested to hear from you.

More about Research and Development