Heat Cure Acrylic Resin

Makevale’s superior processes combined with a reputation as leader in the field of dental acrylics means our heat cured acrylic resins are second to none.

Heat cured resin denture base material is the key ingredient in the denture appliance. The acrylic rests on the denture foundation and acts as the base on which to securely attach the teeth.


We accept minimum orders of £3000 or 300kg, depending on which is the greater quantity. Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered.

If you are based in the USA and wish to buy Makevale materials, please visit St. George Technology.

Data sheets and certificates

If you require a data sheet or a certificate for any of our polymers, please contact us.


  • Range of handling characteristics suitable for all regions of the world
  • Hundreds of denture-base colours
  • Long term colour stability
  • Cadmium free
  • Dimensional stability for exceptional fit
  • Flexible curing options
  • Low residual monomer
  • No porosity

Heat Cure Acrylic denture base formulations

Makevale has developed a variety of heat cure acrylic formulations suitable for every climate. Our tight manufacturing process enables us to produce materials to exact specifications. This allows us to create a range of heat cure acrylics with varied dough and work  while withstanding considerable occlusal load and eliminate porosity.

We pride ourselves on enhancing patient satisfaction with a range of lifelike shades found in natural tissues. Our shades represent one of the largest ranges in the world and are now industry standard.

As with all Makevale products, we utilise the latest technology to ensure the best possible product. We use highly accurate colour-matching technology, and spectrophotometer devices to measure spectral variation and opacity depth. However, the toughest test of all is the scrutiny of trained eyes that inspect each batch.

Many of our heat cure acrylic resins are developed for dental companies to incorporate into their product ranges. In North America we also market Excel Formula™ products to distributors and end users through our subsidiary St. George Technology.

Success story

A customer required a heat cure acrylic resin which would retain its strength but reduce porosity over a wide range of preparation conditions. We successfully formulated and scaled up to produce a material that accommodated variability in process, operator and environmental conditions.

Our Research & Development Team

We have a comprehensive range of heat cured resin that we can adapt to your specific requirements. Detailed specification sheets and samples are also available. Our R&D team’s proven track record in producing polymers with unique properties and shades means if you wish to develop a new product we would be happy to hear from you.