Our Acrylic Manufacture Process

Diverse Applications from Our Flexible Process

Makevale’s speciality acrylic bead polymers are based around Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), Poly(ethyl methacrylate) (PEMA)and Polystyrene. Makevale had a library of associated co-polymers and blends based around these core chemistries.

We produce speciality acrylics by a free-radical suspension polymerisation, using a wide variety of certified reagents from accredited suppliers, including different granulating agents, surfactants, initiators and other more exotic additives to create polymer beads with very different properties. Once produced, Makevale have a selection of post-processing technologies that give the final acrylics different performance characteristics.

The acrylic beads resemble a white powder but have very well-defined physical characteristics. To complement these niche acrylics, Makevale also formulates monomers to create unique power-liquid systems.

This very flexible process allows us to be acrylic manufacturers for a diverse range of specialised bio-medical and industrial applications. Well controlled production processes ensures that our products are consistently made with a high level of batch-to-batch reproducibility and meet the most demanding application requirements. Each of our polymers has stringent specifications which are vigorously tested to the appropriate standards.

Tight Process Control Achieves Consistent Performance

  • Raw materials sourced by accredited suppliers

  • Accurate reaction and process control

  • Wide variety of Chemistries

  • Specialised post-processing

  • Industry leading Quality Control with an array of  Laboratory analytical equipment

The free-radical polymerization takes place between tiny droplets of monomer suspended in a solution of water, catalyst and other ingredients . Because we are able to tightly control the reaction conditions and conduct the reactions in reactors with a bespoke geometry, the resulting beads have a well-defined and narrow molecular weight, with a tightly distributed particle size and a perfectly spherical shape. With the different chemical formulations coupled with the post-processing that has been developed over decades of experience, Makevale can also create polymers with very different surface chemistries that enhance the acrylics performance give our customers a competitive advantage. As a result of changing these parameters, we can fine tune the way the polymer performs in different applications.

Proven Reduction of Supply Chain Risks

It is company policy to have multiple suppliers for the raw materials required to produce Makevale products. Due to Makevale’s prominence in the biotech industries, each of our raw materials is supplied from accredited companies which have been vetted and approved.   

As a global acrylic supplier into a complex supply chain, with multiple manufacturing sites, we can reduce downstream production risks by exercising tight technical specifications.

Our advanced manufacturing technology can match this specification time after time. Several manufacturers have tried and failed to reproduce our chemistry, technology and process. Consequently, they now rely on us to be their acrylic supplier from our multiple global manufacturing sites.

Watch our video for a simple explanation of how our flexible manufacturing platform can supply what you need when you need it.

Watch our video for a simple explanation of how our flexible manufacturing platform can supply what you need when you need it.

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