Innovators in organic chemistry

Makevale develops and manufactures high-performance polymers for leading global companies.

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Makevale materials will touch the lives of everyone on Earth

Our high performance polymers are used in products ranging from 3D printing resins, dental acrylic powder, biopolymers and polymer nanocomposites.

Our unique technology allows us to reproduce tailor made polymers to our clients’ exact specifications

Synthesise polymers to specification

Our award-winning products are made according to strict specification criteria, normally agreed with our customers in advance or as part of our quality management system.

Manufacturing sites worldwide

We have multiple manufacturing sites worldwide that overlap on research, expertise, production capability and capacity. Many customers appreciate that when they partner with Makevale, they have lowered their supply chain risk considerably.

Extensive R&D capabilities

Research is at the core of what we do. Every site has well-equipped research and development laboratories with multiple PhD qualified chemists. For specialist projects, we leverage an extensive network of prestigious university research groups and professional bodies.

Trusted by global leaders