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Clear casting resin

Makevale’s clear casting resins are used in a diverse variety of formulations to enable the production of items as varied as engineered acrylic components from aquaria to submarine windows, as well as acrylic products like awards, memorabilia, souvenirs and gifts. We excel at tailoring our polymers to suit customer needs, and our acrylic casting resins are exception.

Our clear casting resin


Highest optical clarity currently available worldwide


Custom acrylics with unique chemical and physical properties


Resistance against chemicals, breakage and scratching


Used in global landmark construction projects

Benefits of our service

  • Exceptional optical properties
  • Excellent colouring characteristics
  • UV stability
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • High durability
  • Lightweight
  • Chemical resistant
  • High quality surface finishing
  • Tailored pour and setting times

Acrylic Casting Resin

From aquaria to submarine windows to engineered acrylic components, Makevale’s acrylic casting resins are used in a diverse range of applications requiring the finest tolerances and resistance to the harshest conditions. Makevale’s acrylic casting resins are used to create acrylic products like awards, memorabilia, souvenirs and gifts. We excel at tailoring our polymers to suit customer needs, and our acrylic casting resins are no exception.

Our clear casting acrylic resin has the highest optical clarity currently available worldwide. It also possesses high colourability, impact resistance, and UV stability, as well as minimal shrinkage. Its chemical resistance, toughness and ability to resist breakage and scratching means it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and can be engineered for extra toughness or fire retarding properties. Casting companies employ a wide variety of processes and curing conditions in a range of environmental conditions. To work optimally within a specific production process as well as to deliver their required product performance, the acrylic bead has to be carefully designed to give specific pouring and setting times and the correct quantity of residual initiator to polymerise. We have the ability to alter the molecular weight and particle size distribution of our acrylic powders to tailor the pourability and set times to our customers’ production processes. We can also create polymers with different amounts of residual initiators to suit our customers curing conditions.

Once cured, cast articles made from our acrylic polymers have exceptional optical clarity, transparency and colourability, as well as minimal shrinkage on curing, which makes them particularly good for encapsulations.


Why Makevale?

Makevale works with its customers to provide the optimum casting acrylic through varying particle sizes and molecular weights of the polymer beads, and through selecting the appropriate reagents and washing and sieving processes.

Our materials can be found in some of the world’s landmark construction projects and installations. Our wide range of acrylic casting resins have products to match your requirements, but we also have a proven track record in developing custom acrylics with unique properties.

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