Dental materials

Makevale is the world’s number one dental acrylic powder provider, annually supplying thousands of tons of dental resins and associated acrylic monomer liquids, to all of the top 10 international dental corporations.

Makevale’s dental materials


World’s No.1 dental acrylic powder manufacturer.


Bespoke solutions for every region of the world.


Supplier to the top 10 dental international corporations.


Compliant with national regulations and authorities and ISO accredited.

Benefits of our service

  • Large section of homo, co-, cross-linked, plasticised and composite polymers
  • High impact resistance and fracture toughness
  • Hundreds of denture-base colours
  • Resistant to colour degradation
  • Familiar with different regulatory requirements
  • Tailored dough and work times

Our dental specialisms

Dental acrylic powder

The requirements for acrylic dentures differ between world regions. Consequently, we have hundreds of denture base formulations and colours.

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to produce dental acrylics with tailored dough and work times. Our acrylics also feature high impact resistance and fracture toughness. The high-quality of our dental acrylic powders means they can resist colour and clarity degradation.

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Why Makevale?

Dental industry regulations are tougher than ever before. However, by using quality procedures and products, we stay ahead of legislation while ensuring our customers’ acrylics are consistently the best, every time.

Many of our dental acrylic powders are developed for dental companies to incorporate into their product ranges. In North America we also market a range of high performance dental acrylics under the brand Excel Formula™ to distributors and end users through our subsidiary St. George Technology.

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