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3D printing materials

Acrylics for various 3D printing applications.

Binder jetting printing

Our free-flowing powders with tightly controlled particle size distribution have been successfully utilised for Binder Jetting Printing . With our recent development in creating acrylics with multiple reactive sites; Makevale are now able to provide materials that can react via different mechanisms and produce articles with enhanced mechanical properties as well as temperature & solvent resistance.

Photosensitive 3D resins

Makevale’s newest business segment produces resins for Stereolithography (SLA) type systems. With extensive monomer, filler and toxicological know-how, Makevale are able to formulate low hazard systems with minimal shrinkage and leachables, while exhibiting the desired mechanical properties. All formulations are manufactured in-house at Makevale using Monomers and Oligomers developed in-house . New products are in the final stages of verification and are coming soon!

Benefits of our service

  • Tailored particle size distribution
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Various formulation options

Our research & development team

Makevale has a deep interest and expertise in developing 3D printing materials. The possibilities are endless and we actively seek business partners that share our forward thinking attitude.

If you are interested in developing  materials for 3D Printing contact our R&D team.