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Polymer research & development

High performance polymers

Makevale’s passion for R&D fuels every aspect of our work. Committed to working in close partnership with our customers, our high-performance polymers allow our clients to improve their own products and processes.

We have a track record of speciality polymers development; our expertise is built over many years in fundamental physics, chemistry and materials science. When you buy high performance polymers from Makevale, you benefit from world class technical knowledge that is in-depth and specific to each industry we serve.

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Tight process control achieves consistent performance

We work closely with our customers to translate industry challenges into acrylic applications, with attributes that add real commercial value.

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    Tailor polymer applications
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    Undertake blue-sky research
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    Assist with patents
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    Analyse samples
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    Develop replacement speciality polymers


We maintain the ISO 9001 & ISO 13485

Makevale Group and all its associated sites are regulated by SGS

Our UK manufacturing sites are FDA approved

Makevale Ltd. products conform to the CE Mark

Makevale Group companies hold different accreditations.

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Cutting edge innovation

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to develop speciality polymers with tailored characteristics. We are also able to research and replicate existing polymer applications; an ability which safeguards supply chains in the case of any one supplier failure.

Companies employ widely different additives and manufacturing processes – our specialist polymers can deliver their required product characteristics, as well as work effectively with their production process.

We do this by varying particle sizes and molecular weights of the polymer beads, before selecting the appropriate reagents and washing and sieving processes. In some cases, we are able to invent a new chemistry to overcome a customer’s challenges. Naturally, our R&D efforts are highly confidential and often in partnership with clients.

What experts say about Makevale

Makevale is an agile and deeply knowledgeable research partner who go the extra mile. Their technical team has always taken our requests seriously and explained possible solutions effectively.

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