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Nail Acrylic Powders

Makevale produces high quality nail dip powders for use in nail acrylics. These offer durable results which can look natural or can offer endless creative opportunities with colours, textures and finishes.

What clients say about Makevale

Makevale is a trusted business partner that provides us critical raw materials, always to specification and delivered on time. The team are always on hand when we have questions or ideas.

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Benefits of our service

  • Endless colours, textures and finishes
  • Can replicate existing nail dip powder formulations
  • Manufactured to a tight particle size
  • Works predictably with the other system chemicals
  • Reliable source of finely milled PMMA powder with consistent flow characteristics

Success story

A nail dip powder manufacturer was seeking a new polymer supplier for their acrylic nail powder applications; their current supplier was unable to support neither the quality nor quantity required. We were tasked with developing a suitable replacement within a very tight time-frame to prevent supply interruptions.

Within 4 weeks we managed to develop, scale-up  production and supply  new material in bulk to the customer. Within 4 months, we further optimised the formulation to surpass all previous specifications, making one of the best nail dip acrylics and saving the customer significant processing time. We are now the clients’ primary supplier of this polymer.

Nail dip powder

Our development of free-flowing nail dip powder to a specific particle size distribution has allowed manufacturers to launch complete systems of resin, activator and colored acrylic nail powder. With our ability to manufacture these powders to a tight particle size, we can provide a consistent product that works predictably with the other system chemicals and more importantly, works consistently for the nail technician and customer.

We are also able to research and replicate existing nail dip powder formulations; an ability which safeguards supply chains in the case of any one supplier failure.

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Our research & development team

Makevale has a deep interest in furthering the art to produce world-class nail dip acrylics. Our biotech know-how allows us to provide medical grade nail acrylics that can act as antibacterial surfaces. The possibilities are endless and we actively seek business partners that share our forward thinking attitude.

We have a wide range of suitable acrylics and a proven track record in producing nail dip powder with unique properties. If you are interested in developing acrylic dip nails, or safeguarding your current supply chain contact our R&D team.

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