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Makevale materials will touch the lives of everyone on Earth

Makevale Group is headquartered near London, UK. We have two manufacturing sites in the UK, one in Asia and distribution centres in the USA and China. Our global reach allows us to export all over the world. Our manufacturing sites synthesise speciality acrylic bead polymers for a wide variety of applications and industries. These acrylic powders are manufactured and processed using proprietary techniques are in some cases blended with additives/pigments depending on a client’s specific requirements. For some applications that utilise a powder-liquid system, Makevale also formulates complementary liquids that are specifically designed to work with our acrylic powders. 

Research and Development is at the heart of everything we do. Each of Makevale’s manufacturing sites has its own R&D department, with different product development programs to create bespoke polymers/systems for specialist applications. We excel in producing tailor-made materials for our clients to help create superior products and often improve manufacturing processes and yields.

Our clients range from start-up distributors to large multinationals. Each client benefits from Makevale’s superior products and our team’s technical know-how, while enjoying extremely competitive prices. We strive to enhance the reputation of our clients – many of them are segment leaders.

Our capabilities

  • We produce high performance polymer beads for use in a number of niche areas
  • We offer expert advice on high performance polymer systems and their applications in various fields
  • Monomer formulating
  • Polymer blending and pigmentation
  • Contract packaging for the dental industry
  • ISO standardisation and testing facilities



The Makevale concept was born in the Ahir family kitchen in North London, in 1979.


Before long, premises were hired in Stoke Newington and Makevale Ltd was established in 1980.


Production grew quickly, and in 1986 manufacturing was shifted from Stoke Newington to a larger site in Ware. The Ware factory allowed for greater manufacturing capacity and greater scope for R&D.


In 1999 Makevale acquired its facility in Blackpool, allowing the company to increase its polymer production and extend its Adicryl™ range. A five-year programme to modernise both UK sites resulted in greater efficiency and output.


From 2000-2005, the owners actively grew interests in distribution companies


In 2006, Dr Val Ahir was joined by his son, Dr Samit Ahir, who is now the company’s CEO.


2008 saw Makevale integrate core functions and streamline business operations with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.


In 2009 Makevale opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India, allowing the company to extend its reach into the Asian markets and expand its product range.


2010 saw The Makevale Group’s work recognised with the highly prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.


From 2011-2012 the company created a flexible manufacturing set up. Client response was very positive.


In 2013 Makevale firmly established itself in Asia, especially in China. The company became the number one dental acrylics firm worldwide and introduced unified global business operations onto SAP.

Certificates & awards

Makevale was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation

Makevale was recently recognised as a top 10 advanced material solution provider by Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine.

Makevale Group and all its associated sites are audited to maintain its SGS ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 compliance.

Copies of these certificates are available upon request.

Our UK manufacturing sites are registered with the FDA.

We are proud members of the BDTA.

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