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Anti-skid surfacing

Makevale has developed ValGrip™, a high friction resin based anti skid surfacing, whose ease of application and in-situ performance greatly expand the range of potential application areas for skid resistance.

Benefits of our service

  • Good adhesion to concrete substrate
  • Fast curing cycle
  • Workable during all seasons
  • Easy to use

High friction surfacing

High friction surfacing treatments have been used for some years in areas that are subjected to high braking forces, such as traffic light approaches, road junctions, roundabouts and pelican crossings. ValGrip™’s high friction surfacing formulation also makes it ideal for more remote areas such as footbridges, platforms, car park ramps, even ships’ decks. Sites can be treated quickly and economically, keeping disruption to a minimum.

ValGrip™ is a system comprising of three parts; a methyl methacrylate based syrup, a powder thickener (‘thixotrope’) and a peroxide initiator which causes the mixture to set. The three parts are mixed together, spread onto the surface and aggregate rolled on top. The mixture cures leaving a layer of aggregate bound to the surface creating high skid resistance. ValGrip™ is designed to work in a similar way to the epoxy system which many contractors currently use.

ValGrip™ anti skid surfacing is simple to use and cures quickly. It is suitable for use on most substrates including asphalt, bitumen, concrete and steel. The high friction surfacing can be applied year round in all conditions in any colour required.

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Success Story

ValGrip™ was developed as a result of collaboration with a major highways contractor to develop an anti-skid surfacing system which did not suffer from the limitations of existing systems. The benefits of ValGrip™ include easier mixing and pouring while staying in place on uneven or sloping surfaces; no need for a base coat on new tarmac, and the ability to roll the aggregate onto the resin.