Bone cement acrylics

Makevale’s biotechnology business unit produces and supplies biopolymers to some of the world’s leading Orthopaedic and biomaterials companies. These include acrylic bone cement resins for use in surgery.

Benefits of our service

  • FDA registered manufacturing sites
  • Made to international standards
  • High-performance
  • Inert to the immune system


Our biotech expertise is creating bespoke biomaterials to demanding specifications, and manufacturing these to consistently high-quality batch after batch in our FDA-registered factories.

We can tweak the performance and handling characteristics of these demanding biocompatible materials by varying the physical properties of the polymer and by using proprietary post-treatments. Our biocompatible polymers stay inert to the immune system while maintaining performance.

PMMA bone cement

Makevale is a key manufacturer and supplier of acrylic based bead polymers, a key ingredient in orthopaedic bone cements. Our material is used by many of the world’s prominent bone cement manufacturers. In close collaboration with our bone cement clients, our researchers have formulated polymers with precise chemical and physical characteristics to work perfectly within our customers formulation. Our polymers have successfully been used for new and innovative products or within existing product lines where equivalence has to be proved.

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