Makevale produces high performance acrylics and associated polymer systems  for multiple applications across a wide range of industries. We supply superior speciality products allowing our clients to produce quality products, improve manufacturing processes and ultimately, increase profits.

Over 40 years’ experience has given us the capability to create new speciality polymers to suit the unique specifications of our clients. If it can be made, Makevale can make it.


  • Synthesise polymers to specification
  • Hundreds of formulations
  • R&D capacity
  • Acrylics tested to International standards
  • Flexible manufacturing platform
  • Four week lead time
  • Minimum order quantity of 300Kg or £3000
  • Samples available upon request
  • Competitive pricing
  • Blending Service
  • Dental packaging service

How do we do it?

We manufacture our polymer beads in our unique reactors, allowing for total control over our products’ specifications, performance, consistency and quality. Our flexible manufacturing platform means products can be made to order at any one of our sites. Our blending facility allows us to introduce plasticisers, flame retardants and pigments.

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Why Makevale?

Amongst acrylic manufacturers, we have gained a reputation as a nimble, highly efficient partner that consistently delivers on time and to specification. Every batch is rigorously tested to ensure it meets client specification and appropriate ISO standards, as well as being consistently top quality.

We specialise in the bulk production of speciality polymers, and each of our facilities has a capacity of many kilotons of material each year. Makevale have a huge library of associated co-polymers and blends. Our high-performance polymers are based around PMMA, PEMA, and polystyrene.

Speciality Polymer Products

We have hundreds of tried and tested speciality polymers with a wide variety of specifications. We provide solutions and aim to improve your current system or create new opportunities. Makevale use a consultative approach and will discuss your requirements with you before we recommend the appropriate product.

Low Minimum Orders

Orders start at a minimum value of £3000, or quantity of 300kg, whichever is greater. We are happy to provide samples upon request, as long as you can arrange transportation. Please contact us with your requirements.

Bespoke Polymers

Our R&D departments are highly experienced and use innovative technologies to produce high performance polymers specific to our clients’ demands.

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