Lost-Wax Casting

Makevale produces high quality cross-linked polystyrene (XLPS) that are used as fillers by lost-wax casting suppliers to modify the viscosity and add strength to their precision investment casting waxes. We collaborate closely with customers to tailor our polymers to meet their most demanding investment casting applications.


We accept minimum orders of £3000 or 300kg, depending on which is the greater quantity. Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered.

If you are based in the USA and wish to buy Makevale materials, please visit St. George Technology.

Data sheets and certificates

If you require a data sheet or a certificate for any of our polymers, please contact us.


  • Bespoke polymers to suit your casting applications
  • Investment casting wax manufacturers with tight viscosity control
  • Narrow particle sizes with good surface finish
  • Thermally stable and density balanced XLPS fillers
  • Low or no Ash content due to our unique process technology

Superior lost-wax casting fillers

Makevale’s lost-wax casting polymers deliver superior performance through control of the manufacturing process to produce consistent material batch after batch. We are the only company able to exercise control over the surface finish of the XLPS bead and provide investment casting wax manufacturers with tight viscosity control.

The lost-wax casting polymers achieve narrow particle size distributions, with nominal particles less than 100µm in size to ensure a good surface finish.

They also have very low ash content to minimise the amount of undesirable material left behind in the ceramic shell after de-waxing, and a low residual content of styrene through our unique manufacturing processes.

Our XLPS fillers are also thermally stable and density balanced to that of each molten base wax to minimise settlement.

Our Research & Development Team

Makevale’s track record in producing acrylics with unique investment casting properties means our R&D team will be happy to hear from you if you wish to develop a new acrylic suitable for lost wax casting waxes.

If you’d like to find out more about our wide variety of acrylics suitable for lost-wax casting or receive detailed specification sheets or samples, please get in touch

More about our Research & Development

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