Nail Acrylic Powders

Makevale produces high quality nail acrylic powders  which can be used for classical sculpting and nail dipping techniques. Due to our experience and technology developed for the casting industry, these offer durable results which can look natural or can offer endless creative opportunities with colours, textures and finishes.


We accept minimum orders of £3000 or 300kg, depending on which is the greater quantity. Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered.

If you are based in the USA and wish to buy Makevale materials, please visit St. George Technology.

Data sheets and certificates

If you require a data sheet or a certificate for any of our polymers, please contact us.


  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Manufactured to a tight particle size
  • Works predictably with the other system chemicals
  • Can replicate existing nail dip powder formulations
  • Endless colours, textures and finishes
  • Different drying times available

Nail Dipping Powders

Our development of free flowing dip powders to a specific particle size distribution has allowed manufacturers to launch complete systems. With our ability to manufacture these powders to a tight particle size, we can provide a consistent product that works predictably with the other system chemicals and more importantly, works consistently for the nail technician and customer.

We are also able to research and replicate existing nail dip powder formulations; an ability which safeguards supply chains in the case of any one supplier failure.

Sculpting acrylic powders

A key requirement is for the acrylic nail powder manufacturer to have a perfectly spherical bead polymer with a well-defined particle size distribution consistent residual initiator and excellent flow characteristics.

Makevale produces a range of fast- and slow drying powders which are suitable for all types of sculpting liquid. Our powders have been specially formulated to exhibit excellent bead pick -up, self-levelling, filing and colour retention (non-yellowing).

Success story

A nail dip powder manufacturer was seeking a new polymer supplier for their acrylic nail powder applications; their current supplier was unable to support neither the quality nor quantity required. We were tasked with developing a suitable replacement within a very tight time-frame to prevent supply interruptions.

Within 4 weeks we managed to develop, scale-up to production and supply a new material in bulk to the customer. Within 4 months, we further optimised the formulation to surpass all previous specifications, making one of the best nail dip acrylics and saving the customer significant processing time. We are now the clients’ primary supplier of this polymer.

Our Research & Development Team

Makevale has a deep interest in furthering the art to produce world-class nail acrylic powders. Our biotech know-how allows us to provide medical grade nail acrylics that can act as antibacterial surfaces. The possibilities are endless and we actively seek business partners that share our forward-thinking attitude.

We have a wide range of suitable acrylics and a proven track record in producing nail acrylic powder with unique properties. If you are interested in developing classical sculpting or dipping nail systems , or safeguarding your current supply chain contact our R&D team.

More about our Research & Development

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