Polymer Nanocomposites

Blending clever chemistry with cutting edge physics, Makevale designs bespoke polymer nanomaterials and delivers them on an industrial scale for volume commercial applications.

In our nanomaterial’s collaborations with global manufacturers, the task is not just to design polymer nanocomposites that meet demanding technical requirements, but also to be able to manufacture these nanomaterials, to tight specifications, batch after batch.


We accept minimum orders of £3000 or 300kg, depending on which is the greater quantity. Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered.

If you are based in the USA and wish to buy Makevale materials, please visit St. George Technology.

Data sheets and certificates

If you require a data sheet or a certificate for any of our polymers, please contact us.


  • Bespoke design of polymer nanocomposites
  • Nanomaterials manufactured in volume
  • Polymer nanocomposites with unique properties
  • Many commercial applications for nanomaterials

Bespoke Polymer Nanomaterials

Other developments include anti-microbial polymer nanocomposites for biological applications, photo-responsive nanomaterials for actuating mechanical processes, and phosphorescent polymer nanocomposites for signage and our new nail colour could be considered decorative.

Our nanotube-polymer composites have tensile strength, impact resistance and fatigue resistance orders of magnitude greater than standard polymer base. These nanomaterials are truly the next generation of specialist polymer nanocomposites.

Success story

A global tooth manufacturer approached us to deliver material with an order of magnitude increase in strength and hardness. The prevailing approach was to create a filler and polymer blend; this creates problems in non-homogenous dispersion and lower bonding strength resulting in variable strength within a tooth.

Our approach was to incorporate nanomaterials into the polymer chain at a chemical level to form a bonded network of nanomaterial filler. We invented a complex yet novel method of achieving these nanostructures not only on the laboratory bench but on an industrial scale for delivery to a global supply chain.

A different approach was required to satisfy another customer’s requirement for a high strength, impact resistant dental base material. Here it was important not to incorporate the nanomaterial into the polymer chain, but to ensure it was well dispersed throughout the polymer to allow deformation and energy absorption, increasing strength and hardness.

Our Research & Development Team

We are experienced in producing polymer nanocomposites specific to our clients’ needs, so if you wish to develop new nanomaterials our R&D team will be happy to hear from you.

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