Acrylic denture repair

A denture repair system needs mechanical properties that are similar to the denture base system, with a colour that matches the original denture base shade. Makevale’s denture repair acrylics are acknowledged as both strong and durable, with a colour range that perfectly complements the denture base range and are therefore recognised as the world’s largest.

Benefits of our service

  • Long term colour stability
  • Flexible curing options
  • Range of lifelike shades that perfectly match our denture base systems
  • Low residual monomer
  • Cadmium free

Denture repair acrylics

Designed for acrylic denture repairs, our repair acrylics are strong and consistently high performing.

Our denture repair acrylics shades are complementary to our heat cure acrylic resins, ensuring a flawless colour match. As with all Makevale’s products, our denture repair acrylics are subjected to rigorous testing. Using spectrophotometer devices, we test for spectral variation and depth of opacity. We use colour-matching technology to ensure the product looks flawless. The toughest test of all, trained eyes, are used to give the product the final all clear. Many of our dental repair acrylics are developed for dental companies to incorporate into their product ranges. In North America we also market Excel Formula™ Dental Repair Material to distributors and end users through our subsidiary St. George Technology.

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Success story

An acrylic denture repair material was required for a tropical region that would not cure too quickly in the high ambient temperatures of non-air-conditioned laboratories. Makevale researched a new material and developed a volume production process. The material is now a class leader in that region.

Our research & development team

We’re always interested in producing acrylics with unique properties and shades, so if you’d like to develop a new product our R&D team would love to hear from you.

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