Ortho resin

Makevale’s orthodontic resins are designed to excel for both doughing and salt-and-pepper techniques. Our orthodontic resins have a narrow, uniform particle size distribution, which allows for excellent colour distribution as well as special colour effects.

Benefits of our service

  • Superior clarity
  • Powder is free flowing
  • Buffs to a high surface sheen
  • Powder has excellent liquid absorption
  • High strength
  • 10 min quick cure in hyrdoflask
  • No slumping
  • Samples available upon request

Orthodontic acrylic powders

Our orthodontic acrylic powders are free flowing and have excellent liquid absorbing characteristics. Makevale’s unique formulae provide fine and well-controlled particulates so there is no chance of slumping, allowing technicians to produce tight-fitting orthodontic plates.

Our technology eliminates caking, allowing orthodontic resins to be stored or transported for long periods of time.

In North America we also market Excel Formula™ Orthodontic Material to distributors and end users through our subsidiary St. George Technology.

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Success story

A client was being supplied with an orthodontic resin but was suffering substantial delays and uncertainties in supply. Makevale was asked to develop a matching polymer to safeguard their material supply. We achieved very quickly a material that surpassed the properties of the former product and have been supplying this client for over 10 years.

Our research & development team

We have a range of orthodontic acrylics to match your requirements and will be happy to provide detailed specification sheets and instructions. Makevale’s R&D team have a track record in producing acrylics with unique properties. If you wish to develop a new orthodontic resin we would love to hear from you.

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