Pourable acrylic

Makevale’s reputation for producing quality self-curing pourable acrylic denture base materials means our cold cure acrylic systems are used all over the world. Makevale’s pourable acrylics are an extensive range of cold cure-type materials, giving a variety of pour and set times. The result? Products that are mechanically and chemically stable, with no colour degradation.

Benefits of our service

  • Easy to mix to a perfect consistency
  • Dimensional stability to ensure excellent fit
  • Range of lifelike shades
  • Porosity free
  • Cadmium free
  • Powerful bonding to tooth surfaces
  • Available with special liquid formulation
  • Low residual monomer
  • Flexible handling times available

Pourable acrylic denture base

Our pourable acrylic mixes consistently and rapidly, resulting in a high performing pourable mixture with optimum flow. This pourable acrylic denture base has super-fine particle size which achieves strong tooth bonding. Our ability to finely control the manufacturing processes also eliminates porosity.

In North America we also market Excel Formula™ Pourable Denture Base and Excel Formula™ Hi-Impact Pourable Denture Base to distributors and end users through our subsidiary St. George Technology.

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Success story

The Hi-Impact Pourable Dental Base is the world’s first pourable acrylic material to meet the requirements of the ISO Standard for Fracture Toughness and Fracture of Work. It allows dental labs to achieve higher quality and higher productivity without sacrificing the cost and convenience of pourable resins, or compromising the strength achieved with heat cured resins.

Our research & development team

Detailed specification sheets and instructions are available on request.

Makevale’s R&D team have a track record in producing acrylics with unique properties. If you wish to develop a new pourable acrylic we would love to hear from you.

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